Withrow Elementary School

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Classroom Procedures and Policies

Your child will be expected to comply with school and classroom rules (listed below). School rules are in the Parent/Student Handbook (click here for handbook: English  or Spanish). Any violation of these rules will affect your child’s citizenship grade. Students who follow rules will be rewarded with verbal praise and recognition, caught having character awards, and classroom stickers and treats.
Classroom Rules
Eyes watching the teacher
Keep hands and feet to self
Be nice to others
Ears listening to the teacher
Finish work on time
Do your best
Quiet Mouth


Every student will start on green every day. Each consequence will be

applied to an improper action occurring on the same day

1st violation - Yellow – oral warning

2nd violation – Orange – lose good behavior sticker

3rd violation – Red – lose recess and/or indoor play time

4th violation – parent notification (phone call or note to parent)

Kindergarten Playground Rules
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Withrow is a hands-off school.
  • Run on the grass only.
  • Do not kick or throw woodchips.
  • Swings: sit down and face forward
  • Big Toy: One person at a time using the steps, ladders, slides or pole. Use the steps, ladders or pole to climb up on the big toy. Use hands and feet to climb. Use the slides to go down or get off of the big toy.
  • Bikes: One person on the bike at a time. The line forms at the far end of the wall next to the bushes. Sit on the wall to wait your turn. No passing or bumping others. Stop riding the bike when you come to the wall.